new Blog URL and hosting

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Long time since no update i have moved blogs to a new hosting and along with new hosting comes url changes

So please use this URL from now on

You can keep up to date with me at twitter,

Check you guys at the new blog ^ ^


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way too many processes

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

me on a long day of working and research.

157 processes on my 6 gig quad core still running smooth 😀

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Load balanced High-Availability Systems Web server Setup

June 22, 2010 1 comment

the wonders of Linux is that its free along of the masses of server side programs that aid you with setting up clusters of servers that are fully redundant.

My idea so far is this.
I will be having 7 servers for a complete redundant and load balanced  and secure server setup.
(sorry i cant use visio to draw the diagram did not get it with my 2010)
Cisco adsl router: For internet and port forwarding nad

  • Server1: Loadbalancer 1
  • Server2: Loadbalancer 2
  • Server3: Apache+mysql server 1
  • Server4: Apache+mysql server 2
  • server5: IP-cop server for making servers in DMZ compared to internal servers and network tunnels
  • Server6: Glusterfs 1
  • Server7: Glusterfs 2

going to be interesting getting 6 of the 7 servers soon since i already have 1 server acting as the web server right now

The load balancers and ipcop servers will not be brand new off the shelf servers there some old boxes that where used as previous linux server that are not being used anymore.
I am going to have all the servers Images on the NAS and and network boot of the storage cloud been looking into solution Glusterfs. Constant backups of the data and mysql data will be done to the storage cluster so i will have a 99% chance of restoring the imprtant data

Any tips are welcome leave a comment.

So far here is a list of Resources:

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VMWare Backup

May 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been doing research into different methods of backing up a vmware server while minimal downtime
we have to look out of the following errors that can accure.

  • Backing up a VM could cause errors if the vm is running and since there could be changes made to the vm while copping is going on that it can miss so we have to suspend the VM so we dont get any wrong data or corrupted data.
  • vm’s are really big when looking at it on a cloud computing we are talking about VM’s with  terabites of data and DB’s so we will need to make sure we back up all of them.
  • Also servers have to have close to 100% uptime so we need to minimise downtime to when the server is leaste used or not at all in use.

I have come up with the following ideas

  • if the server is huge eg. a couple of terabites it will take a long time to make a complete copy of the VM this is where we would back up the VM ounce and then inside the VM run a custom back up solution that will only back up the important data and changes like the way you would back up a normal server.
  • if you are working with VM’s that use 100 or 200 gigs then we can back it up onto a NAS or tape stream.

the solution that will work for me is the second one. I will be needing to suspend the the VM’s and then tar zip them to the tape stream device then ounce that is completed i will resume the VM’s that way we will always be backed up to the latest version. Also during weekends the server will not be used since no one will be in the office there for we can pause  all the VM’s then and back them up.

I have been working on a linux script since my VM server is running SLES(Suse Linux Enterprise Server).

here is a simple guid on howto use commands to control your VMware server

Base setup.

We will need to configure Linux to recognize the Vmware commands

So we need to add /usr/lib/vmware-vox/lib to the /etc/ file.

Once this is added run the ldconfig command

We can now access the command vmrun.

Pausing and resuming

Using the vmrun command we can now do the following

To pause

    Vmrun –T server –h -u root -p rootpassword suspend “[standard] virtual machine/virtual machine.vmx”

To unpause

    Vmrun –T server –h -u root -p rootpassword start “[standard] virtual machine/virtual machine.vmx”

To list VM’s running

That is how we will interact with the Virtual machines

A few notes:

  • -T: is for the type of vm, we are running vmserver so we use server
  • -h: is for the url and the port
  • -u: is for the user that has access to all the VM’s
  • -p: is the password of the user
  • And the at the end is the command, start, stop, suspend, list etc.
  • The VM’s name has to be exactly as it is listed in the list command otherwise it will not work.

Copying and backing up:

We will be using the tar –czvf to make the backup files

And ounce the file has tarred to the correct destination it will be moved by a cron job to the tape

I ran a test of it and here

    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines # ls
    Virtual Machine
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines # cd Virtual\ Machine/
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Virtual Machine # ls
    Virtual Machine.nvram     Virtual Machine.vmsd  vmware-1.log
    Virtual Machine.vmdk      Virtual Machine.vmss  vmware-2.log
    Virtual Machine.vmdk.lck  Virtual Machine.vmx   vmware.log
    Virtual Machine.vmem      Virtual Machine.vmxf
    Virtual Machine.vmem.lck  vmware-0.log
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Virtual Machine # Vmrun –T server –h -u root -p rootpassword suspend “[standard] Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmx”
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Virtual Machine # ls
    Virtual Machine.nvram  Virtual Machine.vmsd  Virtual Machine.vmxf  vmware-2.log
    Virtual Machine.vmdk   Virtual Machine.vmss  vmware-0.log          vmware.log
    Virtual Machine.vmem   Virtual Machine.vmx   vmware-1.log
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Virtual Machine # cd ../
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines # ls
    Virtual Machine
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines # tar -czvf virt.tar Virtual\ Machine/
    Virtual Machine/
    Virtual Machine/vmware-0.log
    Virtual Machine/vmware-2.log
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmdk
    Virtual Machine/vmware.log
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmss
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.nvram
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmem
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmsd
    Virtual Machine/vmware-1.log
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmx
    Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmxf
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines # ls
    virt.tar  Virtual Machine
    vmserver:/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines # Vmrun –T server –h -u root -p rootpassword start “[standard] Virtual Machine/Virtual Machine.vmx”

More information can be found here about the VMrun command

im on linkedin now come look

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey guys i’m new on linkedin so just wanted to post my profile here

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Wow unbalanced Racials

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok look at this we can see that there are balance issues also here of the people that have downed lich king Heroic mode 7/9 are horde and top 7 are all horde im sure this calls for some divine intervention by the makers.

Majority of the horde racials are focused around damage, increased haste, AP, SP etc while the alliance got damage mitigation and escaping tools i mean i think this needs to be looked into what are your thoughts about this.

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florence and the machine – drumming song (jack beats remix)

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment

A amazing electro house with some DNB in it really like it

if you have a similar song please comment would really like to here this style more.

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